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Remedeine Forte is a very potent pain killer that is a branded type of Co-Dydramol. Co-Dydramol is a combination pain killer analgesic which is primarily made of Dihydrocodeine and Paracetamol.

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Remedeine Forte is a very potent pain killer that is a branded type of Co-Dydramol. Co-Dydramol is a combination pain killer analgesic which is primarily made of Dihydrocodeine and Paracetamol. The major components of Remedeine Forte are Dihydrocodeine in 30 mg and Paracetamol in 500 mg.

Remedine Forte as an analgesic provides relief from mild to moderate types of pain and is specially made for medical conditions as migraine, dental pains, headaches, as well as joint and muscle pains. As a potent pain killer, Remedine Forte is effective in treating pain ranging from the mild to the moderate types. Like any other analgesic, it works by reducing the levels of pain signals being sent to the brain. Remedine Forte is also known to be an ‘Antipyretic,’ it lowers the level of rising temperatures, and as such, it is often used to treat patients with very high temperatures.

Moreover, it further releases substances known as ‘Prostaglandins.’ This can help in reducing pain and body temperatures. On the other hand, Dihydrocodeine operates by binding all the receptors within the body known as ‘Opioid Receptors.’ These receptor types are often situated in the brain, gut, spinal cord, and other various parts of the body. They are the ones responsible for sending over pain signals to the brain that led you to feel the pain sensation in your body. Once the Remedine Forte binds the pain receptors, the transmission of the pain passageway is blocked, hence the relief from pain experienced by patients.

Pain can be debilitating. An unmanaged pain can be very tough as you go over your day to day activities. This can eventually result in more problems and cause patients to have negative psychological responses such as anxiety, anger, distress, and for some, depression.

The right use of Remedine Forte will help reduce the level of pain experienced by patients and improve their tolerance to pain, which makes any injury or painful medical condition a bit bearable. Subsequently, this will enable patients to go about their daily lives with as little distress as possible.

Remedine Forte is suggested to be taken with meals or after each meal. Take Remedine Forte tablets as a whole with a glass of water, without gnawing or chewing on them. This medication must not be taken on a regular basis for an extended period of time as eventually it can cause tolerance and become less effective in reducing pain. Continued use for a long period of time can cause dependence to the drug and the body becomes tolerant to the medicine. It must, therefore, be used in the lowest dose possible and in a short span of time only.

Remedine Forte comes with 500 mg of Paracetamol and 30 mg of Dihydrocodeine in one tablet. It is also available in 20/500 mg strength which has 500 mg Paracetamol and 20 mg Dihydrocodeine. The strength and dosage must be made by a medical doctor. Unless otherwise stated, the dosage and strength of the medication for adults and children 12 years and up must be 1-2 tablets taken every 4-6 hours. Never attempt to take more than 8 Remedine Forte a day.

Remedeine Forte is not to be used by patients below 12 years old. Stick to the doctor’s prescribed dosage and read over the product leaflet before using Remedine Forte.

Just like any other medicines, Remedine Forte can have some adverse effects on the body, although not all people are able to experience them. Here are some of the common side effects associated with the drug:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sleepiness
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Back Pain
  • Delayed reaction times

These side effects are not exclusive; you can check the medicine information leaflet to know more other possible side effects.

Remedine Forte is not suitable for all patients, it should be avoided by someone who –

  • Has an allergy to analgesics
  • Is hypersensitive to Dihydrocodeine, Paracetamol, and other related ingredients
  • Have asthma attacks
  • Have COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Have some dysfunction of certain vital organs
  • Have raised blood pressure

Remedine Forte can interact with other medications. Your doctor will offer a list of medications that you must avoid using when taking Remedine Forte. Follow your doctor’s advice as much as possible to avoid any further problems.

Avoid using Remedine Forte if you are breastfeeding or pregnant without first consulting with your physician first. The medication can cause nausea, drowsiness, and dizziness and will interfere with your capability to work and perform accordingly. Do not drive or operate machinery when you take Remedine. Never drink alcohol with Remedine Forte as it can cause other side effects.

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